:: Academic Facilities ::
Remedial Coaching Center :
UGC sponsored remedial coaching class for SC and ST student is going on from the Academic Session 2008 - 2009.
Library and Reading Room :
The College Library has a good collection of Reference Books, Text Books and Journals on the subjects taught in the college. A computerised database of books is available in the Library. The Library functions in all working days.
Remote Sensing GIS Laboratory Facility :
The Geography Department og the college has a modern Remote Sensing GIS Laboratory with modern equipments, Computers and latest Software which will benefit the students to comply with the practical requirement in the syllabus.
Wireless Language Laboratory :
The English Department of the College has a Wireless Language Laboratory, the first of its kind among the General Degree Colleges in West Bengal with the capacity od accommodating more than sixty students. This laboratory is used to assist multimedia based teaching and serves as an additional aid towards the teaching of the syllabi.
Smart Class Rooms :
The College has some Smart Class Rooms fitted with latest LCD / LED TV to assist multimedia based teaching using Computers, Presentations and other Audio - Visual Aids.
Sports Activities :
The College has Multi Gym with all latest equipments. The Annual Sports are held every year with a large number of students participation. Students also participate every year in sports meet organized by the University and Govt. of West Bengal.
Students' Union :
The Students' Union is an important segment of the College, committed to student's welfare and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the College. The Students' Union is also closely associated with the administrative activities of the College and run according to domocratic norms. The Students' Union has its own constitution approved by the College Governing Body.
College Magazine :
The College publishes an annual magazine. It contains a rich collection of Poems, Short Stories and Articles contributed by teachers and students alike. The Students' Union plays a big role in seeing through its publication.
College Canteen :
The College maintains a cheap canteen for the benefit of the students. The canteen provides opportunity to the students for informal meets, discuissions and talks. Assistant Proffessor, HOD
Seminars :
Inter disciplinary seminars are often organised in order to widen the horizon of knowledge of curious students.
National Saving Service :
The college has National Saving Service Department since 1990. There are 4 units in the National Saving Service Department. Volunteers are engaged in different social activities. Several programmes are organized to create social awareness among the people of the backward sections of the society.
Social Connections :
The college seeks to promote a relationship between the parents and other local people and the college authorities for the further development of the college. Moreover one of our teaching staff was a member of the Executive Counlic of The University of Burdwan.
Employees' Co-Operative Credit Society :
College has a Employees' Co-Operative Credit Society for the benefits of the Staff Members.
Alumni Association :
A process is on to set up such a cell consisting of selected alumni members from among the alumni of the college. This forum will give the college an opportunity of feed-back from its past successful students. The college will have scope for exchange of ideas regarding past, present and future scenario of the institution. The college can humbly approach the Association to come forward with all sagacity and magnanimity so as to contribute and help for all-round development.
Guardian's Cell :
A process is on to set up such a cell consisting of a considerable numbers from among the guardian's community of the college. This cell can give the college an opportunity for exchanging views and ideas regarding past success, present position and problems and also regarding future prospects. This cell can offer an important platform for proper interaction with the society.
Grivance Redressal Cell :
A Grivance Redressal Cell has been working to sort-out problems and inadequacies if any, and tries to find out measures / steps for effective solutions.
Anti - Ragging Cell :
The college authority has formed an Anti - Ragging Cell comprising of teachers, non-teaching staff members, students and Governing Body members to keep the college atmosphere free and friendly for the new comers.
Academic Result :
More or less 80% of the appeared students have been successful every year in both General and Honours. subjects. Oftern Students have a rank within 10th in the Honours results of the University.
Post Graduate Course in SANTALI :
Post Graduate Course in SANTALI is running from the Session 2009 - 2010 and all the students successfully completed in The University of Burdwan.